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Cat Fountain Reviews. Read what our customers say about THIRSTYCAT FOUNTAINS.

    I Love This Fountain
    cat fountain
    I love this fountain. It is so well designed, not only beautiful but easy to clean. It’s quiet and lovely to look at. I love this company. They are quick to deliver in a safely packaged box with detailed instructions for cleaning. So happy with my new purchase! Cathy Craighead
    Wonderful as always
    This is my fourth fountain from Thirsty Cat Fountains! And the quality and customer service is top-notch as always. I ordered the piazza fountain as it's higher up for my arthritic cat, and as indicated in the photo, he loves drinking from the top of the piazza. The glaze and workmanship is even more beautiful in person, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Jackie and her staff went above and beyond for me when my package got lost, calling our post offices and setting up a claim. This personalized customer service is by far the best I've ever experienced. Thank you so much! I just LOVE this fountain and this company!
    He Loves It!
    ThirstyCat Fountains
    My kitty has had problems with urethral blockage -- with this fountain he drinks plenty of water and is much happier without going to the vet all the time. I'm happier too, because the fountain is beautiful, functional, easy to clean and definitely less expensive than repeat vet visits. I plan to buy another one as soon as it's in the budget. Excellent customer service, a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
    Above & Beyond
    Jackie went above and beyond getting a replacement part for me. My kitty was so excited when she got her fountain back she was drinking out of it before I could even get it plugged in. Both of my cats love this fountain and they are drinking more water now. This is one of the best companies I've ever worked with.
    Bebbie Loves!
    loves thirstycat fountains
    My cat, Beebe LOVES her thirsty cat fountain. I love that is really is easy to clean. Debbie G. Ackley
    At First I was Worried
    cat fountain
    At first, I was worried when my very picky 8 year old cat did not seem too interested in her new fountain because she was use to a stream of water versus a bubble. Fortunately, I was able to order the attachment to create the stream on this beautiful fountain and she loves it now! I’m thinking of replacing her other water source with another Thirsty Cat Fountain in the future. Best customer service hands down, thank you!
    7 Years & Going Strong
    ThirstyCat Fountain
    I love your new styles! I bought mine 7 years ago, it is still going strong! Beautiful and useful, you can’t beat that! Fresh water for my Ragdolls! Diane B MV
    Older, rescue cat
    I got the purple crosshatch. It is a lovely color. So smooth and easy to clean. I had 2 plastic fountains that were the dickens to clean and the pump was always full of yellow jell. This is so easy and nothing gets in the pump. My cat is a big drinker, will drink out of anything. I love that the pump sits in the bottom of a bowl so that the water pools around it.
    Forever Fountains
    We own three thirstycat fountains and except for replacing the foam filters, they are still running beautifully. The first fountain is 4 years old. These are the best!
    My cats and I love these fountains
    I have two and have just ordered one more. These are much easier to clean than other brands and stay cleaner between cleanings. The cat-safe materials give me peace of mind, too. They are also works of art. My cats love them.

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