Although there are no cases of Covid-19 in our town and very few in the entire county we maintain the highest vigilance.  Snce the middle of March the ThirstyCats studio has been transformed into a ‘Safe Shop’. Our employee are home, getting benefits, and only the two principles and founders of, Jackie & Keith, now work in the shop. As when ThirstyCats began over 10 years ago, we do it all.

We follow the strictest protocols in arriving, leaving and while in the shop. We have always had both respirators as well as N95 masks for our protection working with raw glaze minerals and for grinding and sanding and we wear those on arriving to and leaving the shop. Our first act on arriving is to wash our hands in hot soapy water, thoroughly. As we live a minute drive from the shop and rarely only leave one to go to the other we come under little exposure. We shop infrequently and when we do we wear masks and maintain distances. Our packages are picked up on our porch now rather than the shop loading dock by UPS which follows the strictest guidelines for safety.

In addition we have always followed the unusually strict guidelines to ensure the food safeness of our cat fountains – something few other ceramicists can say. We use high quality stoneware clay and we make our glazes from raw minerals following the guidelines put forth by two scientist potters, Ron Roy and John Hesselberth, who tested extensively, for which, and how much of various minerals to use.

Very little is certain these days, but you can be assured ThirstyCats does everything above and beyond normal due diligence to ensure that neither do we become unwell ourselves or cause anyone else to become so. We are to the fullest possible extent, a ‘Safe Shop’. Beyond this, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your continued patronage. Please use this coupon code for 12% off all purchases other than sale items.