Indoor water fountains are wonderful for bringing, beauty, harmony, peace and a quality of life to any room of your home & their uses are so many.

Indoor water fountains are excellent for dispersing essential oils, as aids to meditation, for setting a mood or theme within a room or spa, enhancing an entryway, contributing to your yoga practice or bringing both tranquility and a bit of liveliness to your desktop. As a home decor element they provide color, texture and if you like, sound and light while serving wonderfully well as a focal point within a room. We even create indoor fountains with detachable planters for easy gardening in your home. Below we present some of their uses.

  • A Tabletop Fountain

brings several new dimensions to your work environment beyond paperwork, computers and all the tedium that often accompanies desk work. Visually there is likely to be nothing else like it on your desk, with its glazed, curved surfaces and the element of water. You can have the sound of water too as water falls tabletop fountaingently into water, as well as the quality of reflected light. If you like you can add a bit of essential oils to your tabletop foungain and bring delicious fragrances to your work place. In every way a desktop fountain will add a touch of sophistication and beauty to what is normally a fairly utilitarian space. And in all uses of indoor fountains, quality matters. A mass-produced plastic or resin made fountain can never give you the satisfaction of a handmade ceramic piece. Quite the contrary.

  • Meditation

Many Meditation practitioners use indoor fountains’ gentle sounds of water on which to focus, calm the mind and relax the body and spirit.

indoor fountain with lights

  • Yoga

Indoor Fountains are often used in the discipline of Yoga. The sight and soft sounds of gently moving water harmonize so well with the purposes and goals of Yoga.


  • Aroma Therapy

ThirstyCat Indoor Fountains are wonderful for dispersing Essential Oils, whether for the many benefits of Aroma Therapy or simply to beautify a room with your gorgeous scents. The gentle motion of the water releases the oils into the air without using heat, which can adversely modify the molecular makeup of the oils. We make fountains specifically for this purpose. A medium sized fountain will beautifully fragrance a 325 sq. ft. room for two days with just a few drops of oil, while adding beauty and, if you wish, the lovely sounds of water, to the room. Only ThirstyCats Essential Oil dispersal Fountains are completely handmade of high quality ceramics and in-house glazes and use no other means than moving water to diffuse the scents. True beauty, not imitation, plastic or resins.