essential oils
Essential Oil Dispersal Fountain

ThirstyCat Indoor Fountains are wonderful for dispersing Essential Oils

whether for the many benefits of Aroma Therapy or simply to beautify a room with gorgeous scents. The gentle motion of the water releases the oils into the air without using heat, which can adversely modify the molecular makeup of the oils. We make fountains specifically for this purpose. A medium sized fountain will beautifully fragrance a 325 sq. ft. room for two days with just a few drops of oil, while adding beauty and, if you wish, the lovely sounds of water and/or light to the room. Only ThirstyCats Essential Oil dispersal Fountains are completely handmade of high quality ceramics and in-house glazes. True beauty, not imitation, plastic or resins and no heating of the oil.

Different Designs For Essential Oil Dispersal

Our Flower Fountain, below gives a stream of water, providing the lovely sound of water gently falling into water. Our Piazza design is silent. Water fills the upper basin and slips over the rim into the bowl. Our Cloud Essential Oil Dispersal can be bought either with or without submersible lights and a remote control for enhanced beauty. Please note that these fountains for essential oils are NOT MEANT FOR CAT FOUNTAINS. It is unlikely your cats would want to go near the scented fountains but please be sure they do not drink from them as essential oils are not meant to be taken internally.

Some oils will diffuse better if an emulsifier is added to the water. Lavender essential oil, for example, will scent a room without an emulsifier but will do so more strongly with an emulsifier such as Epsom salts added to the water. Simply dissolve a tablespoon of the salts in water and add to the fountain.

Care Of Your Essential Oil Fountain

is quick and easy. We recommend cleaning every time you change to a different oil or once a week, whichever comes first. The fountain and pump should be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly, just as you would a ThirstyCat cat fountain. Here is a page for for cleaning the pump and here is a video for cleaning the fountain.