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    Lavender quad- beautiful!
    Dare I say that it's better than the first one?
    Cat Loves Them So Much She Sleeps With Her Head On The Rim
    cat loves thirstycats
    "Both my cats like this water table fountain. They can drink from the bubbling at the top or the bowl beneath and it is the quietest of the several [Thirstycat] fountains I own because the water flows down the water table instead of falling into the bowl. It is ideal for long haired cats who don't like getting their fur wet, though one of mine loves the fountains so much she sits near them and sleeps with her head resting on the rim." Nancy T. Note - Nancy owns three Thirstycat Fountains. When she refers to 'quiet' she is speaking of water sounds. Some fountains are quite audible, others less so and some are silent.
    thirstycat fountain
    My kitties received their fountain today and it is absolutely beautiful! It is so much more than I expected. The photos don't do it justice. Your work is beautiful; the bowl and the leaves are just so pretty. My kitties already had a fountain, so are familiar with it, but of course they are hesitant with this new bubbling creature. One has slain the dragon and the others are soon behind. I will definitely order another one and will definitely recommend you. Thank you so much!
    Functional Art!
    cat fountain reviews
    The fountain is beautiful as well as the craftsmanship. The owners were wonderful to communicate with.
    Super product!
    cat fountain reviews
    Our kitties love it! Outstanding quality and excellent service from the owners. My questions were answered very quickly. Couldn't be more pleased.
    Brackentree- Love It!
    cat fountains
    Too Good to be True - but True!
    I would give one to every cat owner if I could - its the most inexpensive healthy thing you can do for your cat! I was dubious when I received my fountain in 2012, as a gift, for our two devon rex kittens. It was so pretty and unique, but would they use it? Fast forward to today, and the answer is YES! All it took was a couple days of adjusting the fountain flow to find their preferred level of water movement, and their preferred location. My vet says my cats are well-hydrated and healthier because of it. So...cost of the fountain versus cost to treat urinary problems due to chronic dehydration...that is why a fountain is a bargain, as well as eye candy! (Even if you aren't lucky enough to get one as a gift.) But here is the too good to be true part. A few days ago, my pump stopped working after five years. I came on to their website here, and read their FAQ's about pump maintenance. I'd cleaned the pump at least once a month, so I was "certain" it was kaput. But, I read their deep cleaning vinegar soak instructions and thought, might as well give it a try. And it worked! A healthy product, a unique product, a quality product, with quality support for the long life of the product...too good to be true, but it is true! Thank you! Bunter - 11/2016
    Happy cats......
    By Far The Best
    I own three of this merchants fountains and this is the fourth I have bought for a friend. I once made a mistake and bought a different merchant's product and it was distinctly less well made. Not as pretty, smooth (and thus easy to clean) or smoothly put together. I will never buy anything else and I would never recommend anything else. These are by FAR the easiest fountains to clean out there (I tried four pet store brands before buying these via Etsy) and are the only brands aside from the stainless models I have not had be permanently discolored by mineral deposits or etching. There is just no product that comes close. Oh, and that the charcoal inserts can just be boiled and replaced for up to a year whereas with other commercial models you need a new filter every month (meaning more money and trash) is a huge plus.
    Helpful Seller
    Seller was very helpful in making a custom order for me which was exactly what I needed. My order shipped fast and was easy to assemble with provided instructions.
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