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    Three years and our cats still love it!
    cat drinking fountain
    My wife and I put one of these on our wedding registry (because our cats are like our kids) and we are so glad we did! It keeps water fresher and filters out the cat hair that would otherwise inevitably get into it. It's easy to clean the pump, and it's really a beautiful, unique piece of artwork that makes our lives a little bit nicer.
    It was a success already!
    I was so excited when I got my fountain called "Silk" in the mail. It was beautifully packed and in perfect condition. One of my cats sat on the edge of the sink and watched me wash it for the first time. Then she stared at it intently as the pump filled with water. The very second the water started coming out, without batting an eye, she began drinking. I knew it was a success already! I bought an 11 cup fountain as I have three cats. The glaze is absolutely lovely--a shimmering greenish blue--it's quiet, does not splash water on the counter, and is a little work of art. I love it!! I intend to get a small one for my desk at work--just for the water sound and the beauty of the piece. Thank you so much for your beautiful little works of art.
    Search Is Over
    cat fountain reviews
    The search is over. After seventeen years of wasted time and money looking for the perfect fountain for my best friend, I have finally found it. It's gorgeous, easy to clean, it works wonderfully and most importantly he enjoys drinking from it. The accompanying instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow, including highlights specific to my purchase. You absolutely get what you pay for here. Love, love, love it!
    Smartly Designed Addition
    cat fountain reviews
    This is a beautiful, smartly designed addition to our fountain. Love the look, and my cat really digs it!
    Love This Fountain
    I love this fountain. Over the last 10 or so years, I have purchased 3 or 4 other types of cat fountains. I wish I had discovered this one first. In addition to being much, much easier to clean than any others, it's lovely. Above all, my cats don't feel compelled to attack it (which for some reason they did with the last one and typically at 3 am, waking everyone up). I was hesitant the buy this because of the price, but it is well worth it. I wish I hadn't wasted money on any others.
    Very Happy
    easy to clean cat fountain
    All 6 of my cats are very happy with this fountain. At first they waited for their turn one-at-a-time . . . now they will go up in 2's or 3's and share . . . a sight to behold. Well packaged and shipped quickly. Thank you!
    Mahogany Swirl Serene
    I was looking for something that was not only functional for the cats but beautiful for the kitchen. I purchased this bowl in July and the boys absolutely love it. They have always loved fountains so they took to it right away. I love that it came with the curved copper spout. My cats love drinking from the sink so this is like a replica! This one has been by far the easiest to clean out of all of the fountains I've had (4). It's so beautiful and one of a kind. It was sent over so quickly and had great instructions to get started. The customer service is amazing as well. I recently lost one part of the pump and they sent it over to me right away, no charge! I couldn't believe it!! They're very responsive and this bowl is absolutely worth every cent. Thank you!
    Butterfly Fountain
    I will always have a Thirsty Cat Fountain in my home because my cats love them, but I bought this one just for me. I never get tired of looking at it and have placed it in the room where I spend most of my time. Because it is handmade (all but the pump), there is a synergy in the glazes, the clay and the vision of the artist. I can feel this in the fountain clearly and softly. That and the energizing of the flowing water I feel as waves of renewal from the natural world and it fills my room--it is like taking a walk without leaving the house. Many thanks!
    Blue Water Table
    Both my cats like this water table fountain. They can drink from the bubbling at the top or the bowl beneath and it is the quietest of the several fountains I own because the water flows down the water table instead of falling into the bowl. It is ideal for long haired cats who don't like getting their fur wet, though one of mine loves the fountains so much she sits near them and sleeps with her head resting on the rim.
    Celtic Beauty
    This is my second T.C. fountain. I just keep adding to my collection. They are easy to clean and have a unique and highly durable pump and filtration system that others on the market lack. I highly recommend this product to everyone who has a cat or dog.This fountain graces my quartz countertop with its unique hand crafted design and soothing sounds. When not quenching their thirsts, my felines enjoy relaxing by the fountain.
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