The different designs produce different cat fountain water sounds, from absolutely silent to quite audible with many variations. This page is intended to allow you to hear the differences. As a general rule, the more water, the louder sounds. So if the volume is turned up, you’ll hear more. If there are streams, the more streams the more sound and the further the water falls, the greater the water sounds will be.

BUBBLE-UP CAT FOUNTAINS are the quietest designs we make. On a low setting they are silent, on higher settings they are like a small babbling brook. All of the fountains we list are shown on a low setting but can be turned up considerably.

The Serenity Flow, antimicrobial copper add on will produce a stream that is silent or on a higher setting will produce gentle water sounds. It can be adjusted to point in any direction with a 360 degree radius, thus contributing to the ease of finding the right place to put the fountain. See our Serenity Flow.

At this volume you can understand why this is called a Serenity Flow. It is absolutely silent when not being utilized by a thirsty cat. If turned up such that the water reaches near the rim there will be water sounds but still no splash. Cats love them.

The no-spout piazza, one of many styles of Raised Bubble-up fountains is silent as water slips over the rim and into the bowl with no splash. These are excellent for longhair and short-faced cats and for those wanting tranquility.

We offer many designs for a single stream fountain. These generally produce gentle water sounds and of course, no splash. Great for faucet lovers and longhair and short-faced cats who also like a little action. You can remove the mini-leaf insert for more of a bubble-up

Here is a single stream fountain with a fairly wide stream. This gives it more gentle, less audible, though still audible, water sounds. When selecting a stream fountain look at the stream it produces. If you have questions, give us a call and we’ll help you through it.

Naturally enough a two stream fountain makes more water sounds than a one or no stream. Another factor in water sounds is the nature of the stream itself. A thin stream will make more sound than a thicker stream (counter-intuitively), and the further a stream falls the more sound it will make.

This is another two stream fountain in a different design – our Sea Blossom design. Whereas the two channel Piazza fountain also offers the upper basin, this fountain has a bubble-up but the water is accessed primarily from the two streams and the fountain bowl. There is a slight difference in water sounds between them.

You will notice with this cat fountain that not only having another stream but especially the thinness of the streams adds considerably to the water sounds. To many this is agreeable – others prefer a wider, smoother stream and the accompanying sounds that makes –  a fuller, more robust sound.

Videos From Customers Of Their Cats Using A ThirstyCat Fountain