Why A Thirstycat Fountain

What Distinguishes Thirstycat Fountains From Virtually All Other Cat Water Fountains?

Food Safe Cat Water Fountains

All Thirstycat Fountains are created by hand with quality as our first principle. Because we make everything from scratch, including our glazes, we are the only maker of cat water fountains that can certify our fountains to be food safe.

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DESIGNS for every breed and temperament

Thirstycat fountains offer a wide range of designs – far more than any other cat fountain maker – so are able to accommodate not only all the different breeds and their physical characteristics – but every cat and all there individual preferences. Plus, you can choose a fountain that is right for you and your home or have one created to your specifications.

This is important. You want your cat to use his fountain but if it isn’t the right design, he won’t. Does your cat need a stream or is she shy or timid? Is your cat a longhair, does he like to tip over his water? Do you why thirstycat fountainhave more than one cat and do they enjoy drinking together? Because all Thirstycat fountains are handmade we are able to create a great variety of fountains suitable for every individual cat and which  perfectly conform to every individual characteristic and preference.


Thirstycat cat fountains are quiet. There is no pump noise with our fountains. We create many that are completely silent and many which provide beautiful water sounds but pump noise or any unpleasant sounds are not acceptable to us any more than they are to you.


Our fountains are very easy to clean, as so many of the customer reviews state. (Between or Etsy shop and here we have over 2,000, 5 star reviews and the highest percentage of 5 star reviews (about 99%)  of all cat fountain makers.) Here is a video of cleaning a ThirstyCat Fountain.


Our fountains are food safe. The only way to know if a fountain is food safe is if you know what it is made of. Because we make our fountains by hand, from scratch, including our glazes, we know. We follow strict guidelines established by two scientist/potters who did extensive testing to determine food safeness. In ceramics, not using lead in a glaze is only one consideration for food safety. It is also important to not use any toxic colorants and to not use too much of any colorant, which can leach.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS – Please do check out our customer reviews. These are all voluntarily left by happy customers, as you will quickly realize.


Now and again a problem may arise. A pump may stop working (usually just needs specific cleaning) or a customer loses a component. Or you mave have questions before buying. We  encourage you to contact us and are known for our customer service, as stated in many of the reviews customers have left. In every case of a customer having some issue we quickly work to resolve that issue to the customer’s complete satisfaction. We leave no customer unsatisfied. We can be reached both by email six days a week and by phone five days a week. (thirstycats@gmail.com – 518-677-3225)

“My cats absolutely love the fountain I purchased a few years ago, so I’m glad I was able to replace the pump when it stopped functioning. Very reasonable price considering how long the last pump lasted and fast shipping as well. Fantastic customer service on top of it all, you can’t ask for better.” Cheryl W. From our reviews.


why thirstycat fountainsMost cat water fountains are simply functional but don’t do much for the beauty of your home – often quite the opposite. Every Thirstycat Fountain is designed and created by artists. – if we couldn’t be creating beauty we wouldn’t be creating fountains. With the variety of sizes, designs and glazes we offer, the chances are excellent you’ll find the fountain that is perfect for your cat and your home. Though we repeat our successful designs, every fountain is one-of-a-kind so what you see in our shop at any given time is what is currently available, and that is constantly changing. You can spend many hundreds on a beautiful object for your home and a hundred or more on a fountain for your cat. With Thirstycat Fountains you get both for not much more than a hundred.