Want Your Cat Drinking Water? You can ensure she does with the right cat fountain.

If you want your cat drinking water in abundance your fountain should be designed to harmonize with the physical and temperamental qualities of your cat so that she is attracted to it and wants to use it.

ThirstyCats creates every fountain by hand and this is why we are able to offer the widest range of kinds and styles of cat fountains in the world. We have studied the needs and been informed of the natures and desires of cats. We have the fountains best suited to Your cats, as well as Your home decor, or we will build you one that is.

Furthermore, at ThirstyCat Fountains you can design your own fountain. You can choose the size, the kind, the style and glaze and we will build your fountain for you at no additional charge. Where else in the world can you do that?  To visit that option, click the button.

Design Your Own Fountain

Longhair and flat faced cats have different needs from short hair cats. And quiet, shy cats want a soothing fountain whereas many others relish an active fountain with considerable display of moving water. Many longhair and flat faced cats love fountains with a stream and others want a soothing fountain with a raised drinking area so they can drink without getting their fur wet. You want your cats drinking water because you know it is so good for them. Call us and we will help you find the best cat fountain for you and your cats and home. 518-677-3225, ET.

Made In America

If a cat fountain is made in China there is no way to verify if it is food safe and every reason to suspect it is not. Not only does ThirstyCat Fountains make each fountain by hand in rural upstate Cambridge, NY, we also make all our glazes from raw minerals. What is the value of this? We know and regulate exactly how much and what goes into them, following guidelines established for food-safeness by scientists/ceramicists: Ron Roy and John Hesselberth. We use nothing toxic and not too high a percentage of anything that could leach into the water. Of course we want our cat drinking water, but from what vessel matters.

There are numerous other ceramic pet fountains being made now by major manufacturers, following the lead of ThirstyCats. But they all are made in China and can any of them truly verify their food safeness? No. You might also want to know that they are made of low-fire clay & glazes (saves on fuel costs.)

And yes, the upfront cost of our fountains is higher than most. But they last forever and our superior filtration will more than make up for the cost because of the frequent filter replacement required for all other fountain brands.

Cat Fountain Placement

Where you place your cat fountain may be more important than you realize. The tendency to place it near the food bowl should be resisted, for several reasons. In the wild, which cats still very much are in their ways, cats keep there food separate from water which ensures the water does not become contaminated.

Veterinarians say that having food near your cats water source can put them off drinking due to the aromas of the food so they may not drink as much and drinking abundantly is crucial to a cats health. Cats like their food and water to be in different locations so give them that for their superior well being.

Good places for your cat fountain are away from loud appliances, not in trafficked areas and of course nowhere near the litter box. Near a window if you have that option is a great place, as is a raised surface such as a table or counter. With a ThirstyCat fountain you can do this and enhance your home decor at the same time.

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