What is the best Cat water fountain For Your Cat?

How Do You Choose A Cat Fountain?

There are several important factors to consider in determining what is the best cat water fountain for your cat.

How do you decide what is the best cat fountain for your cat to ensure your cat, and you, are exceedingly happy with it? One set of these factors has to do with the physical and temperamental nature of your cats, the other has to do with your preferences and your home.

veterinarians recommend cat fountains

For example some fountains are not suitable for longhair and flat faced-cats because they would get their fur wet, which is not good for their hygiene. In addition, some cats like it lively, others want quiet and calm. Some people like the sound of falling water and others do not. We have fountain designs to satisfy every combination of your cats’ physical and temperamental attributes, as well as a wide range of styles and colors to suit you and your home decor. Below is just a small selection of our many cat fountain designs.

Cat Water Fountains for longhair cats need to provide a stream and/or a raised drinking area in order for them to keep their fur dry when drinking. Our stream fountains and raised bubble-up fountains with an elevated drinking area provide this. The stream fountains will all produce some degree of water sounds, which you can adjust, our raised bubble-up fountains are almost all silent so if you don’t want water sounds but do have a longhair or short faced cat, the raised bubble-up cat fountains are a good choice.

Here is a link specifically for flat-faced, or short-faced cats.

Below is an intrepid kitten exploring her new fountain. Clearly not the timid type. The fountain is on a high setting and for some cats this would be too much activity.

Short hair cats can use just about any good quality fountain, (ceramic of course). Our bubble-up fountains are the simplest and almost all cats take to them. Here are a few fountains designed with the short hair cat in mind. The fountain at the extreme right is for the short haired cat who wants a little excitement and variety and is equally as good for a longhair cat. The Serenity Flow is an add-on which can be attached to the cat fountain and swapped in and out with the straight, also antimicrobial, copper spout

In choosing a fountain with your preferences in mind, there are a couple of things to know about the sound of fountains.

Here is a link with videos that gives the different designs of fountains and demonstrates the sounds they make.