The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats, originally from Siam (now Thailand) where they occupied, and were highly valued in, the palaces of royalty.  A great many tales, anecdotes and fantasies accompanied them on their journey to the West, which makes for interesting reading but are not particularly useful if you are considering adding one of these amazing cats to your household.

The Siamese cat is a highly intelligent, extremely social, very vocal and very playful cat, originally known for their beautiful baby blue, (crossed) eyes and crooked tail – those latter two features (the crossed, not the blue, and the crook in the tail) have been bred out and are now unacceptable to breeders and showers.

The Siamese come in two closely related yet distinct forms and four (some recognize more), colorations. The Standard Siamese cat, also called the Apple-head, because of their rounder head, is said to be the traditional form (upper left), while the Extreme Siamese is favored in the show ring. Both are svelte, elongated, angular and muscular. The Extreme is bred for a longer head with larger ears lower down on the head and greater angularity. Each camp has their ardent proponents.

The primary colorations of the Siamese cat are called Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac Point. The overall coloring of the Siamese is called Colorpoint and derives from an interesting phenomena. The typical Siamese are light in body color and darker at the extremities. This is due to a gene which inhibits color development where the body is warm. Kittens, just out of the womb, are white. Darker colors develop in the feet, tail and head. If a Siamese has its leg bandaged the color will lesson considerably in that area.

But the real magic of the Siamese is to be found in its personality, and those who own these cats are as vocal as the cats themselves about the remarkable qualities of this breed.

Extraordinary social, they may accompany you to the door to greet some new guest and most are more than likely to befriend the newcomer and find a place on his lap. They love to play and will fetch. They will even bring their favorite toys to you for you to throw and them to retrieve. They learn their names and will come when called. Many like to watch TV and if it is a ball game of some kind, will follow the back and forth of the ball. Their closeness to their families is legendary and uncompromising. They want to be near you, with you, against you. If there is a death in the family, feline or other, they will mourn inconsolably and make their grief known.

On the down side, the breed is subject to Obsessive/Compulsive disorder (tearing up and eating things bad for them, for example) which can be treated with medication. On the upside, if you want a cat as a companion who wants nothing more than to share in your life, The Siamese may be your breed. People who own these cats say that there is simply nothing like a Siamese and they wouldn’t have any other breed – “If you like them, you will love them”. Cost will range from about $400 to $1200 but if you can find one in a shelter, please give to him/her and to yourself, a priceless gift and take this amazing cat home.

One should be careful choosing a cat fountain for the Siamese and it is well to be very familiar with your own cat before doing so. ThirstyCats makes a wide range of cat water fountaindesigns suitable to the Siamese, but some designs may need to be avoided for some cats. A Siamese cat will appreciate and interesting fountain, say with a spray nozzle or a single or multiple stream fountain. If your particular cat is overly playful however he may want to play with the fountain and in this case make sure the center piece from which the water emerges is not too delicate.

The center piece for a Piazza fountain with two or more streams will be quite substantial and provide plenty of interest for your Siamese while remaining secure. Also, a simple bubble-up fountain with a Serenity might be just the thing, providing interest without inducing too much play. If you have questions about this please feel free to call us at ThirstyCats and we’ll be happy to help you divine which fountain will work best for you and your Siamese.

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Serenity Flow

Information for this page was taken from a variety of authorities including Dianne Alexy of Alexy Siamese, North Carolina.

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