Veterinarian tested

I am a veterinarian with specialty training (ie board certified) in internal medicine. Cats are my favorite species and I’m always on the look out for ways to improve their well being. I first saw these fountains on the American Association for Feline Practitioners website. I was impressed and eventually ordered a fountain for my cats (Brakentree).
Yes these fountains cost more than the “Economy” varieties, but there is a saying, “you get what you pay for”, and when folks complain about prices….well…I’ll take quality over junk any day.
I have Thirsty Cat Fountain brochures at my hospital, so clients can find out about this wonderful product. No more dripping faucets… and wasting water… a “no-no” here out west. The cats drink more and geriatrics are able to find the water surface much easier. This eliminates paw drinking and contaminated water. It also helps keep old cats with arthritis and cats with kidney disease hydrated. Plus they just plain old like it!
Beautiful, well thought-out, functional fountains made for our feline friends by talented people. I wish them success and am grateful for their contribution to feline welfare.