Purple Glaze

After years of off and on experimenting in the attempt to come up with a successful & reliable, food safe purple glaze

we finally succeeded. Our new glaze we call Amethyst is a Lilac, Lavender, Amethyst shade – on the lighter, more feminine side of purple’s color range. Unless you think that’s a sexest statement, in which case it is just on the lighter side.

cat fountainFrom a potter’s point of view

Apart from the beautiful color, what we, as ceramicists, most appreciate about this glaze is probably something most of you will take for granted. It is structurally, texturally flawless. It doesn’t craze, pinhole, run, crawl or exhibit any of the numerous other flaws by which a glaze can ruin a ceramic piece and drive a potter mad.

So yes, we’re thrilled with our new Amethyst and from your comments we know many of you are too. But loving the color and being able to use it in your décor are different matters, so we have compiled some tips to help you use this gorgeous color as a cat fountain in your home.

Purple Through Time & In Nature

Throughout history purple was an especially difficult color to create so it has long been associated with royalty – the only ones who could afford the expense of having purple dyes made, so it connotes power and wealth. It is also said to express the essence of magic and of spirituality and being of the highest frequency wavelength it is also the most energetizing of the color spectrum. Consequently a prominent but not pretentious placement is advised.

Purple is rare in nature so we naturally relate to it as something apart, uncommon and dignified and as a ‘super’ natural color it tends to evoke imagination and creativity so if you place it within a creative setting you will be using this color to good effect.

purple cat fountain

An all purple environment would probably be too much even for the Almighty (please take that as a touch of humor) but as a focal point, either within a neutral palette or as the climax of colors tending to but not achieving purple it can be quite glorious without being overpowering. Try blending with various shades of greys, blue-greys, grey-blues, mauve, eggplant and lighter shades of blues to darker blues, for example.

purple cat fountainPurple also works well with neutral colors such as various beiges, off whites, tans, pale browns, pale greens and pale yellows. For a more bold approach use some highly contrasting colors such as brighter oranges and greens but you will probably want these dramatic contrasts to be within a larger, more neutral setting.purple cat fountain

However you want to use it, and there are so many more ways than expressed here, we do hope you are as pleased with this new purple glaze as we are. We will be offering it on many different designs of our cat fountains from here on out. And to set your minds completely at ease, please know that we achieve this glaze with no toxic components at all and we use less than a quarter of the recommended amount for food safeness of the colorant, cobalt, which may leach in mild acids with about 9% or more. We use 2% so, as with all our glazes, we certify our Amethyst to be food safe.

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