The primary difference between our outdoor/indoor fountains and our other cat fountains is that we use a pump with a grounded, 3 prong plug suitable for outdoor outlets. Though designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are not meant to be kept in freezing temperatures outdoors with water in them. If kept dry they will not crack or break from freezing temperatures. Both the center piece and the bowl are wheel-thrown from stoneware, they are bisque fired after drying, then glazed in our own in-shop glazes which we make from scratch and fired again to 2,232 degrees F. which gives them great strength and durability. With normal care these fountains will last a lifetime. We have designed these fountains such that when the pump goes – usually after four years or more but it can happen sooner, they can be easily replaced. We provide replacement pumps and clear instructions for removing the old and installing the new pump.

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