We are able to offer these fountains at reduced cost by simplifying the creation process. They are all handmade, one at a time, and of the same highest quality materials, just like all our fountains but keeping the size in the 9 to 10 inch range, simplifying the glaze to one glaze (most of our fountains are created by layering one glaze over another, which doubles the glazing time and glaze cost for a fountain), by offering unornamented domes and by a simplified technique for creating the Piazza fountains we are able to offer what are still the highest quality fountain on the market, at lower prices.

The no-spout and one spout Piazza fountains are completely wheel-thrown as one piece rather than throwing the cup and lower portion separately then hand-building them. This limits the design options for these fountains but it greatly accelerates the creation process. Everything that comes with all the fountains – pump, cord cover, insert where appropriate and foam filter, come with the simplified fountains too.

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