The Main Coon Cat

is considered to be one of the first truly American cats though true origins are quite confused and theories disparate. Said by some to have been the cats of Marie Antoinette brought over on the ship of Captain Clough to Wiscasset Maine. Some say it was Captain Coon who on his excursions to this continent brought his house cats with him. Others like to think the Maine Coon is a cross between a raccoon and a house cat (zoologically impossible) or perhaps a cross between a house cat and a Bobcat or Lynx (this would explain the ear tufts).


However obscure the origins, the characteristics of the Maine Coon are quite distinct and very much valued – a bruiser of a cat physically with a long and large, rectangular body and thick silky fur that repels water, a lush tail and toe and ear tufts. The Maine Coon is a tough, rugged, muscular working cat, well adapted to cold weather yet is a beautiful cat too, in conformation, coloring (many variations), because of its luxurious coat and not least because of its disposition. Some of the words used to describe this breed are elegant, gentle, amiable, loving, faithful, self confident, resourceful, quiet, good tempered, active and healthy. In personal contact the Maine Coon seems to have a sense of the regal – like a kindly and tolerant beneficent dictator.

The breed is also affectionate, playful, intelligent, docile, independent with a moderate need for attention and they are good with children and with other pets. They can weigh 19 lbs. or more and live to 16 or more years.

Maine Coon’s Cat Fountain

And what sort of cat fountain does the Maine Coon need? Either a fountain with a stream or a cat fountain with a raised drinking area, or both. Below are just two of our many fountains designed for the Maine Coon.

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