Cat Water Fountains For Longhair Cats

  • Siberian
  • Turkish Angora
  • Persian
  • Balinese
  • Maine Coon
  • Himalayan
  • British Longhair
  • Turkish Van
  • and many others have particular needs when it comes to their cat water fountains. Most don’t like to get their fur wet so an elevated water source and or a stream of water falling into a bowl are ideal.

Clearly there are a variety of styles available for longhair cats. There are fountains with one, two and more streams, there are fountains with a smaller upper basin which keeps fur out of th, with and without streams and there are a variety of Raised Bubble-up fountains. Each of these is suitable for and desirable to a longhair cat. But what about you?

At Thirstycats we create a wide variety of cat water fountains for longhair cats.

On this page we show our fountains with streams of water that are excellent for longhair cats, as well as raised Bubble-ups which are also great for these cats. These Bubble-up cat fountains are very quiet or actually silent depending on pump  setting so are also great for cats who like a tranquil environment, while our stream fountains provide the wonderful sights and sounds of water falling into water, as well as providing the much wanted stream of falling water faucet lovers crave.

Above are a few of the designs we make in both these styles. Do note that every ThirstyCat fountain is one of a kind – we repeat designs but no two are the same and what you see in the shop is what is currently available. This is constantly changing and we are constantly creating new designs of our cat water fountains. You can shop all our fountains here. To view our current selection of Stream fountains see this page, and for Raised Bubble-ups go here. Please note that we list new fountains at least twice each week.