Indoor Water Fountains For Your Home Decor

ThirstyCats creates fountains specifically as indoor water fountains for home decor use, independently of our cat fountains. In fact, we began as a maker of indoor fountains for home decor and it was only after we discovered the need for a high quality, attractive cat fountain indoor water fountainthat we began fulfilling that need. Every fountain is built with beauty in mind and intended every bit as much as an indoor water fountain to bring beauty to your home and enjoyment to your life.

This page automatically populates with indoor water fountains as we list them and de-populates as they sell so every indoor water fountain, desktop fountain and tabletop fountain you see here is available. Just give the fountains your interested in a click to learn more about them. If you are looking at one of our bubble-up designs, which make great tabletop fountains, know that almost all of them can take any of the Cat Taps we provide, for which see below.


The soothing sounds of flowing water can relax you even within your busy, stressful life. Place the fountains in different rooms, depending on how you want to hear and when you want to see them. Some people enjoy hearing a fountain as they fall gently to sleep. Others like the sounds of an indoor water fountain as a background sound during they’re day at home or in the office, and everyone enjoys seeing a beautifully, handmade ceramic fountain anywhere.

  • Humidifier

indoor fountainOne of the many benefits of indoor water fountains is that they add moisture to the air we breath, thus contributing to our health and sense of well-being. This is especially true during the winter but brings benefits any time of year. Great for plants too and the combination of moving water and growing plants, something a number of our fountains offer, is something quite special and beautiful in itself.



  • Visual appeal

In my book, Small Spaces Beautiful Gardens, published by Timber Press, I state that I have found nothing more effective in bringing charm and grace, beauty and magic to a garden than a water feature. The same is true for the inside of our homes with indoor water fountains, provided the water feature is high quality and made of natural materials. There is nothing  more depressing than having to dwell on fake objects pretending to be what they are not, made of plastics, resins and other harmful materials. (When they say, ‘made of resin’ – read ‘made of plastic’ because ‘resin’ is just a green word for plastic.)

But the Real Thing – a handmade, ceramic indoor fountain is a completely different object. It is Real, made completely by hand and is completely one-of-a-kind, bringing that rare quality of uniqueness to your home. No two of our indoor water fountains are the same. Though we repeat designs, we still make them one at a time and each is completely unique. No matter what style you choose, it will add an additional dimension of beauty to any part of your home or office. You can pay many hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a one-of-a-kind ceramic art form. At Thirstycats you pay so much less and get so much more!

water fountain indoorsInterior Designers & Decorators know the value of focal points within the decor. What better than a beautiful, ceramic, handmade fountain with moving water and scintillating light on display any or all times of the day and night! As a piece of ceramics it is beautiful, with our own glazes you will not likely find anywhere else, and with water on display in any of our very many designs it is beauty & beyond.


  • White noise

Many people enjoy white noise during work to drown out other sounds; and many more people actually require it to sleep. Flowing water provides the most relaxing white noise you can have. With indoor water fountains there are no more traffic sounds or other arbitrary noises distracting you from work or sleep.

  • Improve air quality

Indoor air quality is easily overlooked and often ignored yet it has been shown to be of significant importance,  especially in offices that have no opening windows, and in most homes. Air purifiers can be used to produce negative ions (which are a good thing) but they are unattractive. Indoor water fountains do the same thing, producing negative ions that attract dust and other irritants and remove them from the air, and they are a joy to behold.

No matter why you choose indoor water fountains, the benefits and enjoyment you will derive from them will bring pleasure to the whole family. Please peruse our many designs until you find one that completely suits you and your household or office space.

We make a number of fountains that are ideal as tabletop fountains or desktop fountains. With a small footprint, adjustable and easily visible water, these fountains bring a whole other dimension to your space and life.

indoor water fountainTabletop fountains or indoor water fountains can be a great way to dispel interior design boredom. No need to redesign the room. Just find a good place where the fountain can be seen and heard and you can transform a static room into a room pleasurable in which to be. All of our indoor fountains are lightweight enough to move from room to room for variety. If you are expecting visitors within a particular indoor room, you can simply move your tabletop fountain to a prominent place it will be appreciated by all.

The rising popularity of indoor water fountains is an unexplained phenomenon that continues to grow each year – but we who make them, understand their appeal. That is why we make them! Because we love the sights and sounds of moving water and the beauty of ceramics. In addition, handmade, ceramic indoor fountains are the natural link between outdoor and indoor spaces. Indoor water fountains are continually becoming  ever more popular as business and home owners discover the simple pleasures that comes from enhancing their interior spaces with indoor fountains and water features. These quality fountains really do create a beautiful and tranquil, as well as a enlivened and exciting atmosphere in any indoor space in which they are placed. If you don’t find what you want now, please check back. We are continually adding more and different designs as well as recreating favorites.