Included With Every Fountain

Every fountain comes ready to run. Simply place the center piece in the bowl, fill with water and plug in.

What is included:

  • Fully functioning ready to run fountain
  • Fully adjustable from very low to very high, long lasting, silent and replaceable aquarium pump
  • Ornamental ceramic center piece
  • Food Safe Foam Pre-filter
  • Fountain warranty – please see our policies.
  • Pump warranty – please see our policies.

The foam pre-filter prevents cat hair and other matter from entering the pump, keeping the pump clean, greatly increasing time between pump cleanings and contributing to the longevity of the pump.
100% food-safe & tested ceramics

For those fountains which come with a copper spout note that the copper we use is the same used for the plumbing of upscale homes, is approved by all building codes and is a known antimicrobial.