Fashion of Neutral

To say that fashions change

is to be redundant. Fashion is change. From 2016 through 2019 the ‘color of the year’ has gone from Rose Quartz through Yellow Green, Violet to Living Coral. Next year? Who knows, but one thing that never changes is the value of neutral colors, simply because neutral colors go with anything. Which is a bit of an overdone neutral colorsintroduction to our introduction of two new, neutral glaze colors, Beige and Grey. We’ve long been asked for these but they have been frustratingly difficult to achieve and admittedly, our Beige is a warm beige with a bit of a yellowish cast and our Grey is a cool grey with a slightly greenish tint but they are both miles away from our Lavender Blue, Cherry, neutral colorsCaribbean or any of out other bright, rainbow hues and should work well in just about any color scheme, especially paired with similar neutrals and would work stunningly well with bright colors as a backdrop.

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