Cat Fountain Placement Guide -

Where You Place Your Cats' Fountain
May Determine How Often & How Enjoyably It Is Used

In this Cat Fountain Placement Guide we explore the best, worst and OK locations to place your cat fountain and what makes them so, because where you place your cat’s fountain may very much determine to what extent it is used and how pleasurable it is for your cats to use and for you to enjoy.

If your cat is thirsty enough and has no other sources for water he will likely use the fountain to some extent (or not),  pretty much no matter where you place it . But to ensure regular, healthful and satisfying hydration, it is very important to understand how placement affects your cat.


We tend to assume that like us, cats want their water near their food. We do that, drink and eat more or less simultaniously, but cats do not. In the wild, (and you are probably aware that cats are still very much wild), cats do not keep their food and water near one another. They are instinctively aware that their food can contaminate the water, (deadly bacteria) which could be fatal so they assiduously avoid that.

Many vets say the food odors put the cat off drinking and this is probably why. Cats are deeply wise as regards their physical well. So the fountain next to their food is just not a good idea. Here is a link on that.

Water & What?

cat fountain placement guide

As undesirable a place as next to the food bowl is, an even worse place is near the litter box.  Some have thought it to be a convenient place, only to find not only the fountain not being used but the litter box being shunned too. Those two necessities just don’t go together.


Cats like a serene place for their fountain.

Stop the Traffic

Well trafficked areas are also undesirable places for your cat’s fountain. Even if not directly in the path of foot traffic, the coming and going of people (and other pets) nearby is just not what your cat wants when satisfying his thirst. Again, in the wild cats are very warry when drinking because they are more vulnurable at that time.  One hundred and eighty of degrees of direction for escape is blocked, their head is down, they are actively engaged in drinking and experiencing all the sensations that brings and though they are alert they still feel, and are, at risk and the coming and going of other creatures is exactly what they don’t want.

Along the same lines, near active or frequently used, noisy appliances is also not a good idea.


To Share or Not to Share

If you have other pets, and particularly cats, it is important to understand their relationships to one another. Some cats like to share their fountain – others not and if there is a dominant cat who lords it over the others, he has probably staked out his domain and those lower down the ladder will be intimidated by drinking from a fountain that resides within the dominant cat’s territory. Cat water fountains, at least Thirstycat fountains, are curiously and profoundly attractive to cats and The Boss is going to want to claim that fountain. So, in that situation what do you do? 

You’re either going to have to provide another fountain in another area or (in which case you only need smaller fountains rather than one large one), or better still, find neutral ground somewhere in the house – a communal space where all are accepted. A comfortable spot within that environment should be fine.

Such a place may not be the loveliest area of your house but if it doesn’t violate any of the big NO’s and all can access the fountain then it is a good spot.

Higher Up Is a Good Idea

If you also have a dog who likes to drink from your cat’s fountain then an elevated place may be the solution (if you don’t want them sharing.)

 An elevated area to place the fountain can be a good idea for its visual appeal too.  And this brings us to the final point of this article – aesthetics.

Fountain elevated and unacessable by the canine pets

When a Cat Fountain is More Than a Cat Fountain

A Ceramic Work of Art

There is not really an aesthetic consideration for most cat fountain brands – they belong out of the way somewhere your cat will want to use it but you don’t have to see it.

A ThirstyCat Fountain however is a high quality work of ceramic art and belongs where it can be enjoyed as such as well as serving to satisfy your cats’ thirst.

A Thirstycat Fountain is more expensive than most other (and not all) brands because they are created, by hand, to not only satisfy your cats’ need for water but to be a valuable contribution to your home – to add to the beauty of your home – so to receive the most value from your fountain you will want to display it where you, and if you choose, others can enjoy it. Below is a gallery of images from customers

ThirstyCat Fountains