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In spite of the many so called Best Reviews Guides – Cat Fountains, there are an awful lot of cat fountains out there, and a lot of them are harmful – others are good.

Though there a Lot of bad cat fountains out there – made of plastic, hard to clean, expensive filter replacement, noisy pumps, don’t last, and so on, there are also some reasonably good ones. This is another cat fountain review guide from ThirstyCat Fountains to help you decide which cat water fountain is best for you. Of course we would prefer you select a ThirstyCat fountain, but our fountains may not be for everyone and you should have reasonable choices cat water fountainbesides ours. This is why we do not include our cat fountains in this review.

We do not and cannot advocate any fountain made from plastic – veterinarians strongly discourage the use of plastic food and water bowls both for the BPA they may contain and because plastic will scratch and harbor harmful bacteria that won’t clean out except possibly with bleach. However we do include two plastic fountains in this review simply because some of you will consider them so we want to show them – and discourage you from buying these and similar brands.

Our ratings for these fountains are relative to one another and they refer only to overall quality with no reference to anything else, such as price. You can see other reviews with objective ratings, some with real costs including filter replacement, at the bottom of this page. These are worth noting, especially the Real Cost page. This will surprise you.

We love the design of this cat fountain – but we really dislike the fountain. You might want to fast forward through the video to see the assembly – and the complication of parts which will need regular cleaning. A fountain for fun but not a good cat drinking fountain.


As with many another cat drinking fountain this pet fountain has a number of good qualities and a few faults. The reviewer mentions them all so no comment is required from us.


The reviewer gives this pet water fountain 4.5 stars. And he’s right in everything he says. Clearly though, he doesn’t know about the harmfulness of plastic in a pet fountain. ( BPA)
Our rating – 2

This water fountain for cats is mostly stainless steel. The casing which holds the pump is plastic and will scratch so be careful to clean it well and often, occasionally with bleach. Some pets dislike the metallic taste stainless steel can give to a cat fountain.


A mostly ceramic pet water fountain except for the casing that holds the pump. That is plastic and will scratch so be careful with cleaning.
RATING – 4.5

With all the fountains above we suggest you research filter replacement; cost per filter and frequency of replacement. As you will see in the reviews below, this can add a great deal to the cost over time.

Reviews with real costs – Review -2

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