Tabletop Water Fountains

will bring a touch of magic to your home, visually as well as aurally. Although we make and sell our fountains also as cat fountains, they began as and are equally as wonderful as indoor water fountains, desktop fountains and tabletop fountains for home & health and can be a wonderful catalyst for tranquility. And, we now make fountains specifically for home decor.

The purpose of a tabletop water fountain is to bring beauty, elegance, refinement and serenity to your home – a little excitement and a touch of nature. What your indoor fountains are made of and how they are made will greatly determine the extent to which they provide these qualities.

Mass produced fountains for home décor don’t come close, simply because they don’t have any of those qualities. Those ‘made-in-China’, fake tabletop fountains made from synthetic materials are just that. In other words, they’re completely artificial, and they are mass produced.  No quality whatsoever goes into them. Which is also why they are often cheap. Is that what you want in your home? Cheap, fake ornament? Likely not.

Each ThirstyCat tabletop water fountain is made from what it seems to be made from – ceramic. We make everything from scratch, including our glazes. And they are all made by hand, one at a time and all are one of a kind. You can come and meet the people who made your fountain. Can you do that with a Chinese made fountain? And by the way – their are health benefits to having an indoor water fountain.

Moving water creates what are called ‘negative ions’, which doesn’t sound good but is. The good feeling we get from being near the ocean or by a waterfall comes, in part, from negative ions. An indoor water fountain, which should be left running all the time, also creates negative ions. So you get the beauty of of a handmade indoor water fountain, the pleasing sounds of water falling into water (the amount varies with each design type) and the health benefit of negative ions.

The prices we put on our indoor fountains and desktop fountains are based on the amount of work that goes into them. (Material costs are relatively small). But the skill and work that goes into creating an indoor water fountain by hand, from start to finish is considerable.  It takes hours to create many of the beautiful designs we have which give one or multiple streams. Add a copper Calla Lily, or a handmade lotus spray, for example, or a ceramic and copper Cattail  or copper Waterleaf and your looking at many hours of intense, skilled and dedicated work.

They are not cheap because our tabletop water fountains are not cheaply made, however our profit margin is quite modest. You’re not paying for the designs – that’s on us and is our pleasure to provide. The cost is entirely in the work that goes into them. Please keep in mind, being of quality they will last a lifetime with reasonable care, giving you many decades of beauty and enjoyment. Buy the highest quality indoor fountain money can buy, made by hand in our upstate New York studio. We have many designs in a range of sizes. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions.

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And if you can visit us you will be welcomed. Many of our customer have.

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