ThirstyCat Fountains & Covid-19

How Covid-19 is affecting ThirstyCat fountains.

With the recent announcements we’ve made of giveaway contests, video uploads, our image requests, etc.,some of you are wondering how we of Thirstycats are dealing with the Covid-19 crises and what is happening with those programs. Are we closing down? Will we continue to create fountains? Are we following through with the fountain and filter giveaways? This post, which will be updated regularly, is our response.

Life goes on at ThirstyCats

Keith making a test batch glaze

As to continuing, the simple answer is yes. We’ve had to scale back and let our employees go home for now, which puts all of the work load on the two of us but as that is how we started, that is what we can and are doing. Our inventory may not be as high as it has been but that should be all that changes, from you, the customers’ and followers’ perspective.

Apparently we’re not the only purveyor of pet fountains hit by this. Chewy called us to ask if we wanted to sell our fountains on They get theirs from China and may be having a hard time getting them. The man said they love our fountains. (Logistically not possible for us to provide them to Chewy, however, as ours are all handmade and one of a kind and we could never satisfy their sales model, which calls for everything being the same.)

And by the way, and so that you know, we sanitize everything, including our hands and all equipment and tools and maintain all the practices recommended by the health authorities diligently, even to an extreme. We are built on Safe, and Safe we are staying. And nothing can be healthier for your cat than a handmade from scratch in America ThirstyCat fountain.


Thirstycats announced two giveaways, each for a free fountain to a randomly selected winner who sent us a video and foam filters who sent in an image or a video of their cat using a fountain. The second giveaway was open to everyone who receives our newsletter whether they own a ThirstyCat fountain or not. Both, after a great number of entries, are now closed. (We will have more.)

The first Thirstycats giveaway

The winner of the first giveaway was announced and we await Madeline B. to select whichever fountain from the shop she chooses for her cat, Miles. We’ve allowed her two weeks to choose so that she has numerous designs to choose from. (There are currently 57 fountains available and we will add more toward the end of this week and more next.) When Madeline makes her selection we’ll post an image of it as well of a clip from the video of Miles using it.

We will begin sending out the foam filters this week. (Our response is a bit hampered by the lack of manpower), but we will get them out – all of them – to everyone who responded to the giveaways. Response to the second giveaway was astonishing in number and we’ll provide an update to that soon. Note that the 12% discount coupon code is still active.

We thank you all for your participation and for the many of you who continue to support ThirstyCats. We know that you all are being as cautious as possible throughout the days and nights and in all aspects of your lives, and we are also. We’ll have more updates to come in future days.


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