ThirstyCats is a small group of dedicated artists/artisans committed to creating beautiful, handmade, quality fountains for you and your cats. Together we bring you



Jackie is one of the two cofounders of ThirstyCat Fountains. Her history includes professional dance wherein she danced and toured with several companies, and transitioned into jewelry making, working in fine silver and porcelain. She now works with making and detailing some of our ceramic work (which before the arrival of the others was her primary domain), is in charge of all customer service, oversees shipping and keeps a watchful eye on quality control. Jackie is the last stop before a fountain leaves our studio and the first stop for any customer with a question. Jackie has gained a reputation for customer service that goes above and beyond. If you need help or have questions, Jackie is your woman.



Keith is the other cofounder. He was a landscape designer for many years, creating landscapes across America and abroad, (almost all of which featured a water element), and is the author of four landscape design books (including Water Features For Small Gardens - Timber Press), He and Jackie began ThirstyCats nearly fifteen years ago. Keith oversees operations, is one of the potters, works with fountain designs, glaze creation and builds the copper Serenity and Downflow Cat Taps. Keith is the other go-to person for answers to questions, particularly if you have questions about what type of fountain is best for your cats. Want some assistance with that? Keith can probably help.


Joyce is our primary resident artist with a long history in creating with her hands in many mediums and who has been with ThirstyCats since 2012. Joyce loves nature and she loves art of all kinds. She created and continues to create many of our unique designs in both the tower type (leaves, flowers, animals, etc.) as well as ornamenting the domes with her unique talent for original motifs which show in her carvings and glaze-paintings as well as in her innovative tower designs.


Emily joined the ThirtyCat team in 2020, at first doing a wide variety of tasks but soon showed her talent as an artist, which she has been most of her life, primariy a painter. Emily now creates many of the designs on the domes; carving and painting them, binging a particularly playful and graceful quality to the pieces. She is now beginning to learn handbuilding and working with the tower designs.


Floyd is a ceramicist. He has a fine arts degree in ceramics, has had his work in several exhibitions and studied and worked on two occasions in Jiangxi Provence in China where he learned a number of techniques invaluable to our work at ThirstyCats. He brings superb throwing as well as handbuilding skills, is knowledgable about glazes and glazing and about many aspects of ceramics generally.

Morning Get Togethers

Each morning we get together to discuss projects we're working on and where we are on them, what needs doing and in what order and how to plan for tomorrow and the rest of the week. We also present new ideas, discuss problem areas and their solutions All of us working together, collaborating on projects and all contributing our views is what makes this work so well.


Dome Center Pieces

are the simplest of our designs when left simply as domes but can become quite elaborate with carving and glaze-painting, sggraffito in slip work and when other techniques are applied.

Wheel-thrown domes and towers

are pretty unprepossing at this stage but they are the starting point for virtually all the center pieces we use in our cat fountains. The domes may then be carved, appliqued or embossed, painted with underglazes, covered with slip and scratched (sgraffito work) or left plain.
The towers are built into any of many designs including the Piazzas, the Brackentree, the Leaf and Flower center pieces and many other designs and we are constantly creating new designs.

Tower Center Pieces

Every Raised bubble-up and Stream fountain; the Piazzas, the Flowers, Flying Fish and all the others begin as a wheel-thrown towers and are then built into these other often elaborate or intricate designs.