Save Lost Cats

images (3)Jackie and I recently encountered a beautiful little kitty just up the road from our house. We wondered if he was a stray, was lost or was just out for a romp as he was in front of a house where a man fond of small animals lived. We called her over and she came eagerly. She really was a beauty. We pet her a bit, then left, wondering if she needed adopting and decided we’d check back on our way home. She wasn’t there anymore.

A day later the man came to our house, said he was told we had a cat and inquired if we had seen the kitten. She belonged to him. We told him our encounter and that we’d bring her to him if we found her. We never did. Neither did he.images (1)

Whereas 26% of lost dogs are found only 5% of cats ever make it home again. Here is a site that tells us how we can address this massive problem. Please note that the article mentions putting a scarf or collar on your cat. The collar is the better idea and should be a break-away collar.