Raised Food Bowls

A customer requested a raised food bowl for her cat so we made a few. Jackie thought it a funny idea and wondered why a cat would want a raised bowl, but decided to try one out on our Bijou. To her surprise he really seemed to take to it so I did a  little research and for some cats, and according to a variety of sources, a raised bowl is recommended. Some say it aids in ingestion and digestion and for a raisedbowl2 number of people whose cats tend to eat and  regurgitate, a raised bowl proved the solution.

raisedbowl1So if you think a raised bowl would be good for your cat, let us know. We make them in two parts  to make cleaning easy. They fit nicely together and are completely stable. We make both wet and dry raised food bowls.

Oh, and something to take note of here. There is no water anywhere near the food bowl. To understand why that is important you might want to read about it on our FAQ page.