Pet Radio Show

An interview we did with will air today, 9/27/14 with Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin. The producer of the show, Robert Hudson, contacted us, saying he’d like to feature our fountains and asking if we’d like to be on his show. Well, that was a no brainer.






As many of you know, Kate Benjamin and Jackson Galaxy are superstars  of the cat world. Kate’s website, harbors a wealth of interesting, informative and really fun things concerning cats, as does Jackson’s,

The show is centered around the book they co-authored, ‘Catification: Desinging a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)

Many cat lovers sacrifice home aesthetics and even comfort for the sake of their cats. Others sacrifice the happiness and well being of their cats (whom they love nonetheless) for the sake of the looks and comfort of their homes. This book, Catification shows us how to have stylish, comfortable homes that at the same time cater to our cats’ desires and needs. What a great idea! You can pre-order the book here: