Overweight Cats

Many cat owners suffer the ambivalence of a guilty conscience from over-feeding their cats and fear their cats will stop being affectionate if they withhold the treats. We like to reward our cats. We want to make them happy and treats definitely do that. Also, according to John fatcat1Bradshaw, in his book Cat Sense, the only way to train a cat is with food rewards, delivered at precisely the right moment, to reinforce a desired behavior.

But an overweight cat is at risk of a variety of ailments from aching joints to diabetes and heart troubles. We want our cats to be healthy but many cat owners are afraid that if they cut back on their treat giving their cats will not like them and will become unfriendly toward them. Well, good news.

A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior suggests otherwise. You can put your cat on a diet and his affection will not diminish. He may in fact be even more affectionate after feeding him. Read more here.