New Fountain Design

New designs are a natural occurrence

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e don’t manufacture cat fountains, we create them and as creative people we are constantly driven by, well, creativity. We enjoy making new designs, experimenting with new ways to deliver water and offering not just functional cat fountains but cat fountains that are as beautiful as they are effective and healthful.  We have pursued this since the beginning of creating Thirstycat Fountains in 2010 and I expect we always will be.  And why wouldn’t we? New designs help generate more sales, (let it be said, that without sales, we don’t exist), give us the opportunity to develop our art and make it possible to offer you innovate and, we do ardently hope, beautiful cat fountains you can’t find anywhere else. Here is a design by Joyce. The image shows Waterlily-Lavenderone iteration, the video another.