Negative Ions & Indoor Fountains

Indoor Fountains Provide Negative Ions

which are actually really positive.

Many of us have experienced the immediate health benefits of walking on the beach or standing beneath a waterfall but do you know why you feel so good? Those positive feelings may be created by more than just the beautiful surroundings: Consider negative ions. What is an ion? According to Oxford English Dictionary, it’s an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. What that means in the simplest sense, is that ions are invisible particles that we breathe in everyday and the charge of those particles can affect our well-being. In the opinion of some alternative health practitioners the level of negative ions in the air we breathe can directly affect our moods and our anxiety levels. According to studies done by Dr. Michael Terman of Columbia University in New York, negative air ionization has shown to have antidepressant qualities.


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Environments that contain moving water are rich with negative ions and for those of us who suffer from an occasional blue mood, an indoor fountain may provide chemical-free relief. Some of us are uniquely sensitive to the levels of negative ions in our environment. Have you ever felt that foggy headed feeling after spending a day working indoors or a long shopping trip to the mall? Do you feel suddenly refreshed after a spring rainfall? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be distinctively receptive to the benefits of negative ions that come from an indoor fountain. Not all of us live on a beach, or near an invigorating waterfall, but no matter where you call home, an indoor fountain can bring the benefits of negative ions to you – not to mention bringing more  beauty into your life.