Moving to a Larger Space

We’ve outgrown our current shop and as much as we love it and as well as it has worked for us, we have to move. This will be our new shop, two blocks from where we are now. If all goes well, Friday the 24th will be our last day in our current space. We have a lot to do in the next few days: Build the glaze booth, install and vent the kilns, bring over all our work benches, WP_20150418_001wheels, tables, shelves, inventory, glazes and minerals and all the rest of the work that accompanies a major move.

The result though, will be a space in which we can move with ease and can improve our output. Currently, when we do a glazing or a bisque firing there is no space to put everything and so we are hampered in our operation.WP_20150418_003

Hopefully too, in this new, larger and much lighter space (the lights aren’t on and it is evening time in the images) we will be inspired to create more beautiful and innovative cat fountains. And not of the least importance, Joyce, who loves the outdoors and has been working for two years in a florescent-lit corner, will have two sets of windows to work near, where Jackie is standing in the top picture.

Our sincere thanks to all our loyal fans and customers. We will continue to provide you with the quality of customer service we have become known for, as indicated in the many glowing reviews you have left in our Etsy store. Thank you. And please visit us on our website where we have finally worked out the shipping glitches from our site shop (the shopping cart was calculating too much in shipping charges). All is well now and we look forward to continuing to provide you with what our customers  call “the best cat fountains anywhere!”