Our Indoor Fountain Story – How They Came To Be

Our indoor fountain story began with indoor fountains for home decor when in 2008 we began making miniature gardens and ceramic indoor fountains. Both those endeavors were a natural consequence of twenty years of designing and implementing landscapes across America and sometimes abroad, especially as almost every landscape we ever built had a water feature.

So we began populating the spaces around us with these small gardens and decorative fountains and discovered our cat, Bijou, frequently drinking from the fountains. We hadn’t a clue that cat fountains were even a thing. A quick Google search revealed just how much a thing they were and that there were a lot of unattractive, plastic fountains out there of dubious quality. So ThirstyCat Fountains was born.

Now, more than a decade later, we return to our origins with the intent of continuing to create the highest quality cat water fountains money can buy, along with decorative, and we hope, beautiful indoor fountains for home decor, many with beneficial purposes such as essential oil dispersal, humidification and other uses. We hope you enjoy them. And this, in a very abridged version, is our indoor fountain story.