How To Evaluate Any Cat Fountain

quiet cat fountain

There are several criteria by which it is useful to evaluate any cat fountain you are considering purchasing. Below is a list of several of the more important. At the bottom of the page is a link to reviews and videos of some of the better known brands of cat fountains.

  • Food Safeness (this has to do with what materials the fountains are made.)
  • Ease of cleaning (if a pet fountain is hard to clean it won’t get cleaned often or thoroughly enough – not good)
  • Water Delivery (is the water presented to the cat in a manner that is attractive to him and easily accessed?
  • Longevity (will the fountain last)
  • Price (short term cost)
  • Price (long term cost)
  • Appearance (is the fountain an addition to your home or something you want to hide?)
    cat fountain comparison

Here is a page where you can read reviews and see videos on a variety of brands based on these criteria.

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