Genesis of a Thirstycat Cat Fountain

This is a brief synopsis of how we make each cat fountain and why they cost what they do. Click here if you would like to read the complete story. We believe you will be quite surprised.

Every cat fountain is cat fountainmade completely by hand. Nothing is mold made or mass produced. The fountain bowl and center piececat fountain are thrown on the wheel in stoneware. The center piece is set on covered shelves to dry and will then undergo from minimal to considerable hand work.

The bowl is likewise set on covered shelves. When dry enough it is trimmed on the trimming wheel and left to dry several more days.

Glazes are made from raw minerals, weighed out on a gram scale, dry mixed, wet mixed and screened. They are mixed again before using.

The bowl and center piece are then bisque fired to 1945 ℉, after which they are each wiped with a damp sponge to remove any dust which would harm the glazing. The foot is waxed with wax resist and the piece is glazed in our spray booth. Most fountains get two glazes. The feet are cleaned of any excess glaze and put into the glaze kiln where it is fired to 2,232℉.cat fountain

When cooled – 24 to 36 hours later, the pieces are removed and the feedthrough is built in, permitting easy replacement of the pump when/if necessary. The following day the pump is installed, the fountain’s specifications are recorded and the cat fountain is tested for quietness, no splash, etc. It is then put into the photography booth and photographed. The images are downloaded, checked against the actual fountain for accuracy and the fountain is listed on our site with all the pertinent information.

For the complete and suprising story of how we make our cat fountains.