Feather Flower Cat Fountain

A ‘Bubble-up’ cat fountain with slip ornamentation on the center piece.

 Using colored slip (wet clay) is one of the techniques we use to create more beautiful cat water fountains. In this instance slip was pipped out of a piping bag into a freeform flower design. The glaze for the center piece, over the slip was chosen to harmonize with the slip without covering it up. The rest of the bowl is in Vanilla Bean – a clear glaze through which any minerals in the clay body show as tiny dark specs like vanilla bean ice cream. Over clay without minerals we call the glaze Ivory, as shown here. No specs.

All Cats Like Bubble-up Cat Fountains

This style, the Bubble-up design, is the simplest style of fountain we make and it has several advantages. It is very quiet – can be silent – yet still produces a plentifull upward spout of water which can be adjusted and which cats seem unable to resist. Because it is gentle when on a low or medium setting, shy cats are not afraid. All the fountain pumps are adjustable.

Although our tower type fountains; our stream fountains and raised bubble-up fountains don’t generally have an antimicrobial copper spout, they can be added to any fountain. All bubble-ups come with the copper which is known to keep water fresher. 

Though our fountains are known for their ease of use and maintenance, the Bubble-up is the simplest to work with and to clean.

Also note that this style of fountain has a low profile and  is less prone to being pawed at by aggressive cats.

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