Cat Play

I was recently reminded of the benefits – both to ourselves and our cats – of engaging them in play. An easy thing to forget given how busy most of us seem to be. Yet cat play is a very important part of their life and our relationships with our cats. Play is considered to be an essential part of every cat’s life, particularly for indoor cats. Kittens need play in order to develop psychologically as well as physically and older cats are naturally drawn to it, benefit from it and very much enjoy playing – either with us, with another cat or with some kind of cat toy.runningwheel1Cats vary in their responsiveness to toys and play but all need some and there are a great variety of toys available. Some are interactive and don’t need our participation and are especially useful if your cat is alone a lot.  Running wheels, for example, can keep a cat entertained and give him great exercise. (Expensive though.)Other toys will move or do other thing when your cat engages with it. There a lot of these. But probably the best sort of toys are the really inexpensive ones that permit us to engage with our cats. Think about this. When we were kids, our friends were the people we played with and playing together kept us as friends. It strengthened our relationships (usually). Same holds with our feline friends and it is definitely a two way street. They come closer to us and we to them. For an excellent assortment of very reasonably priced toys for engaging with your cat try Hauspanther: http://shop.hauspanther.comAnd to learn more, here is a link to an excellent article.

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