plastic cat fountain
Easy to Clean?

If you happen to come across a cat fountain that looks like this (below left) and the makers call themselves thirstycat (thirstycatco), beware, ThirstyCats they are not. They are a Chinese manufacturer attempting to sell very poor quality fountains using our valued and trusted name. They have taken all of the quality attributes which define the real ThirstyCat Fountains to use as selling points, without actually possessing any of those qualities. They say their cat fountains are not thirstycatsfood-safe, easy to clean and they just happen to be making them because their cat jumps up on the sink and wants the tap turned on, so they came up with this cat fountain. It is all deceit.

Their cat fountains are 100% plastic which will be filled with bacteria within a week causing slime build-up and chin acne and other ailments and are anything but an easy to clean cat fountain, as you can see in this image to the right. Competition is a natural and healthy dimension of commercialism but this level of deceit is simply abhorrent. Their fountains are cheap because their fountains are cheaply made, but the vet bills you’ll face from using them will not be at all cheap. A true ThirstyCat fountain is handmade of ceramic, each is one of a kind and they are of the highest quality in the world. (See what our customers have to say). This thirstycatco fountain is a mass produced piece of slick looking junk. Use it at your cats’ peril.


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