Drinking Fountain For Cats – Longhair

When selecting a drinking fountain for cats what do you look for?

Let’s say your cat has long fur and he (and you) don’t like it getting wet. In this case it is either a raised bubble-up you want, or a fountain with a stream. In this post we look at fountains designed especially for longhair cats. In other posts we’ll address other types of cats and suitable fountains for them.

Why choose one over the other?

Many cats would be delighted with either a raised bubble up or a stream fountain but others may have preferences.  Let’s look at the advantages and differences of both.
Very quiet or shy cats, cats who don’t like a lot of activity and who don’t like surprises but who do crave luscious moving water are more likely to be drawn to the raised bubble-up designs such as this to the right.

Water movement is subtle in this type of fountain but not so subtle cats can’t see and hear the water moving. They do and are drawn to it, helping them to fulfill their most basic of needs – abundant intake of freshly  oxigenated, free flowing filtered water.

cat fountain
fountain for cat

Below is a small sampling of some of our designs for raised bubble up fountains and stream fountains for cats. We offer many, many more and will present more of them in future posts.

Stream fountains

also attract your cats to drink and are ideal for faucet lovers and those many cats who love to see and play under falling water. They also appeal to cats who like activity, action and drama. Of course they may want more or less drama, in which case you can adjust the water flow at the pump by turning the dial or sliding the lever (we use two different kinds of pumps). With the volume raised you can generate quite a bit of action, while on low the scene can be quite tranquil – pastoral even.

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