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    Fixed pump
    Thank you so much for instructions for cleaning the pump. Mine stopped and popped at the outlet after 2 years. Due to the hard water here,although I do have a water softener and filters, there was lime buildup in the impeller shaft. Your solution, after I soaked it overnight, solved the problem. My nebelung loves her fountain since day one. Thirsty cat, you’re a true example of an excellent, honest business. Anyone with pump failure just needs to see your website instructions for the diy “repair “ which is only an easy soak. Again, the beauty queen loves her fountain!!!
    Hi Thirsty Cat Fountains Team, I’m not one for sending companies emails; if my time in Customer Service taught me anything, it’s that there’s always too many emails, and not enough time in the day. However, I feel very much compelled to send a BIG thank you. A couple of years ago, I bought a custom cat fountain for my two cats, per a recommendation from my vet. While one of my cats was satisfied with regular water in a bowl, my other cat, Gadget, insisted on drinking from the sink. It was driving me nuts! So my vet recommended Thirsty Cat Fountains. It look me a bit to place my order because these were expensive compared to the other kinds of cat fountains, and Gadget hadn’t liked other fountains before. But let me tell you… this isn’t your regular cat fountain! Gadget is OBSESSED. And I am one grateful cat mom. My cats & I spent a couple of weeks with family; without the Thirsty Cat Fountain. For days, Gadget would sit in the bathroom sink… and cry; nagging me to turn on the faucet. Finally, my dad (more sick of me being sick of turning on the faucet; than he was sick of Gadget’s cries) bought a cheap fountain, and boy did Gadget protest. She would sit by the cheap fountain and still cry (and reluctantly drink), longing for her glorious Thirsty Cat Fountain. We just got home on Saturday, and before I could finish unpacking, Gadget insisted I fill up her fountain. I don’t know what it is about your cat fountains - but she is literally obsessed! So - thank you so much for your craftsmanship and for making this product! My cat, Gizmo, also enjoys the fountain; but not nearing as much as Gadget - here is a picture of her enjoying her Thirsty Cat Fountain, after a few weeks with a much lesser fountain. She says “this fountain is purrrrfect! Thank you!” Happy New Year, and much thanks fur-ever! Kelly, Gadget (pictured) & Gizmo
    cat fountain
    Your new offerings are stunning! I see several I would love to have! Your current selections have improved from what was offered some years ago when I bought my first fountain. I must say my favorite fountain was the "flying fish". I believe I bought the last one available. I think you should offer this design again. It should be made in a "sea color" - blue or green. ThirstyCat is a "must have". My cat seems to be crazy. I watched your video of a number of cats drinking from ThirstyCat. None of them matched my cat. She seems to like to stick her stupid head under the waterfall and drink!
    Please see ThirstyCats response below. - "I didn’t see a single bad review so I had high hopes for this fountain. Beyond the fact that my cat has never taken a drink it is disappointment.
    • 1) I keep thinking the faucet has been left on. I try to adjust the flow but the exceptionally tiny dial (which barely moves) does not help. It is also a dark black and hard to tell max/min
    • I keep the tiny stopper in place but that doesn’t help
    • Also the motor is loud. I was going to get one of those new motor-less fountains but decided to try this instead - my very expensive mistake
    • 2) The electrical cord is short and I need to run an extension wire to plug in.
    • 3) It is very heavy and awkward to carry to the sink to wash and provide new water each week. I am going to spill the water or smash the fountain sometime.
    • 4) I was hoping / assuming even if my cat didn’t like it I would as a decorative item but it is just a noisy pain."
    • 1) Concerning the water 'noise'. You purchased the very loudest fountain we make with four channels of flow. That makes a fair bit of water sounds - the most of any. There is a video link of this fountain at the bottom of this response.
    • The dials on the AT-80 pumps do in fact work wonderfully well. They can become pushed outward during cleaning in which case they become less effective but that doesn't happen often and is an easy fix. If you had a problem you need only have contacted us and we would have gladly and swiftly resolved the issue or replaced the pump if that is what was required. The dial turns 180 degrees from very low to very high and admittedly it is not very easy to turn but it does turn and it does work. We don't make the pumps but we do buy the the highest quality pumps made anywhere, according to our extensive testing of many brands over many years. Max. and Min are very easy to determine. Max is with the top of the knob on the dial all the way counterclockwise, minimum is all the way clockwise. This is marked on the pump and true, not easy to read but once you know, you know.
    • The only way the 'tiny stopper' - what we call the ceramic insert, wouldn't help gentle the flow would be if the dial was pushed out or the volume was turned too high. Every fountain that comes with one shows an image with it in place and at least one other with it out and the difference - the calm, tranquil body of water in the upper basin with it in and the bubble-up effect without it is clear. That is what it does. That is what it is for.
    • We test every pump and never send out a pump which makes noise. That is always our first criteria for selecting a pump. But a noise can develop, though that is rare, and fixable. Again, had you contacted us we would have been happy to resolve that issue.
    • 2) The cords is a little over 5 ft. If that was going to be an issue for you, you could have asked before buying. We'd have been happy to tell you.
    • 3) As to carrying it, you purchased one of the largest we make - almost 13 inches across and holding 11 cups, both of which facts were stated at the top of the description of the fountain listing which is there to inform the buyer of pertinent facts before purchasing.
    • 4) You could have also returned the fountain and in fact still can. It is our policy that fountains can be returned within one month of receipt. If there is something actually wrong with it we will refund shipping both ways. If it is because your cat won't use it we do not refund shipping but do refund the full fountain price. This is all stated in our Policies.
    • As to your cat not using the fountain, there is not a lot we can do about that but we do have an entire FAQ (#4 under FAQ menu heading) dedicated to just that issue in which we give instructions of how to go about ensuring your cat does use and learns to love the fountain.
    • As so many reviewers have testified, we go to great lengths to make the most beautiful and the best functioning fountains worldwide and go to all lengths to please and satisfy our customers. That we were not able to do that for you is regrettable and would appear to be caused by a complete lack of communication. So potential customers reading this, please note: We are here to assist with any issue that may arise and will work to resolve those issues to your complete satisfaction. Most customers have no problems but if you do, we are here for you. That is not just a promise, it is a proven fact as so many of the reviews state.
    The customer did return the fountain, for a full refund, and here is a video of it:

    A video of this fountain in question

    Most Beautiful Functional Cat Fountain in the World
    My two Maine Coons absolutely LOVE ❤️ their fountain and I love it just as much is they do. It is so simple to clean and it is beautiful. It’s a work of art. I’m so very happy I researched and found this company. So very pleased.
    Exquisite work
    My cats love their fountain. Jackie and Keith did everything they could to accommodate my custom requests and took special care to make sure I understood the limitations of what was humanly possible, and then still managed to exceed all my expectations. I second everyone else who has described how easy the fountain is to clean. When designing the fountain Keith and Jackie took into consideration that I'd told them my cat Loki preferred to drink from the tap of his old plastic fountain, so they included a pump powerful enough to create such a flow, but of course, being a contrary he made a liar out of me (as you can see from the video). I added a marble to tame the bubble-up effect a little bit because my other cat Pan hates water as much as Loki loves it. Now of course my goal is to get a fountain for every room. I cannot recommend this company enough.
    Fantastic Fountain
    I researched online for a cat fountain that would be easy to keep clean and found ThirstyCat Fountains. Not only does it live up to its claim of easy to maintain, but it's absolutely beautiful and extremely quiet (in fact, mine doesn't make a sound). My kitty loves it and drinks from it all the time. So glad I found you, ThirstyCat!
    Happy Cats
    I have 2 lovely cats who just love to drink in the fountain and they do it often. Today I have taken a picture of one of the 2. I have the fountain since September 2018. Easy to clean. The water is always clear. The sound is beautiful and keeps the water alive! For me it is a piece of Art and that is the bonus
    Best cat fountain we've ever had
    Ordered the Stream Cat Fountain with serenty flow after reading the recommendations on this website (one of our cats has long hair so we went with the stream). The quality is exceptional, the fountain is beautiful, and the sound is soothing. It arrived one week ago. Gave it a quick wash before using it and have washed it one time since, very easy to clean. We took the website's advice and placed it on a table away from their food. One cat drank from it immediately and our timid cat took 4 days before he'd use it. Now both cats drink from it readily and it seems like they drink more now than they did from any of our other fountains. Sometimes they lay next to it like they're in a spa! We're very happy we found this fountain!
    Every human and cat should have one of your beautiful fountains
    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful sable piazza fountain I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It is a gorgeous fountain and quite a hit with all five of our cats! They love it! Every cat should have one. Thanks again for your great customer service and we look forward to ordering from you again! All the best, Patti Lammers
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