Why Do Cats Want Moving Water

or, why do cats prefer moving water, or why does my cat drink from weird places? A lot of  people ask these questions, and the answer is very simple. Cats are genetically hardwired to seek moving water because still, stagnant water in the wild, which cats still very much are, can be lethal. Stagnant water builds high concentrations of harmful bacteria from decaying organic matter and cats are keenly aware of this. (This also, by the way, is why cats prefer to find their food and water sources in different places. In the wild cats don’t keep their food near their water because the food can contaminate the water, which cats instinctively know.)


Clearly cats want moving water and this is why cat fountains are so important. If you want your cat to drink as much as he needs and to remain healthfully hydrated, get him a cat fountain. Not just any cat fountain though. Make sure it is not plastic, is of quality materials and was safely constructed of safe materials.


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cats want moving water

Cats Want Moving Water

and show this through a number of strange behaviors. For example, if your cat moves his water source before drinking or stirs the water with his paw it is because he needs to see it moving. As mentioned, it’s hardwired. He may also jump into the tub when you’re in the shower or leap onto the counter to have the tap turned on. Cats are wise creatures. They know what they need and try every way possible to get it but they need us to read and understand their behavior so we can provide them with what they need for health and happiness – in this case, moving water.

Cats Want Moving Water But Moving How?

So how do they want it to be moving? This refers both to your cats’ psycology (wants it gentle, wants it active, needs a stream, etc.) as well as to his physical characteristics. A longhair cat may prefer (and you too for the same reasons) to have a fountain that has moving water but allows him to keep his fur dry, such as a Raised Bubble-up design or a Stream fountain. If you happen to like the sound of water or you have multiple cats you may want a fountain with multiple streams.


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