Cats and Music

catsmusic1Whenever I would pick up my guitar my dog would leave the room. I’m a pretty good guitarist, so it wasn’t my music but music or at least guitar music that he hated. Jack London said a distaste for music was characteristic of the Canine species.

It is the opposite with our cat Bijou, who will lie near me when I play. (I have a pretty intricate finger picking style and it’s clear that he loves it.) I once started fooling around on the Celtic Harp and Bijou went into some sort of ecstasy. He melted, and writhed in palpable pleasure sort of dissolving into himself yet focused and electrified. It was amazing.

But much more than my music, Bijou loves high level classical: Bach, Pachebel’s Canon; Peter Maxwell Davies’ Farewell to Stromness – any elegant, deeply harmonious music.

And Bijou isn’t the only cat with musical preferences. Turns out scientists have created a music specifically for cats (and other music for other animals). You can read and hear it here.