Cats’ Acute Senses and the Holiday Season

I was watching our catcathunting, Bijou, walking through our snow covered back yard, on a hunt. Out where the lawn transitions into the wild I saw him stop and look about 3 feet to his left, intently. He turned, leaped nearly straight up into the air and came crashing down, penetrating the several inches of snow. What was there? A mouse den.

He had heard whatever sounds little mice make, under the snow, pinpointed their exact location and pounced upon them.

Again. Bijou was lying on the bed when he suddenly leaped up and ran to the window. Walking across the street, about thirty yards away was a cat with a mouse in his mouth. I have no doubt it was the mouse’s cries, which we cannot hear, that alerted Bijou.


Cats’ intense senses are for the most part an invaluable asset to them but there are times, such as this time during the holiday season when the acuteness of their senses can be cause for trouble. Here is an article with some good suggestions for dealing with this.