Cat Purr

The question of how/why cats purr has been going around forever with a lot of different answers and absolutely no certainty. Here I offer my observations and thoughts on this intriguing subject.

catpurringA cat’s purr is a lot like and achieves the same end as the Buddhists Aum sound. It is a vibration which probably originates in the throat, nasal area. Say ‘Aum’ with your mouth open but your lips closed and you get the vibration. It is a pleasurable vibration which the cat is able, with time, to pass through his whole body. At full bore, the vibration is continuous, with energy rippling throughout the entire body and is furthered with every breath out and in.

It is said that chanting Aum creates a vibration of 432 Hz, which is said to be the vibrational frequency of nature. Consequently, chanting that sound attunes one to the natural world. It is likely that cats are doing something similar, if not identical.

Watching a cat in full purr is like seeing a yoga master because the vibration is not only pleasurable but healthful. It stimulates various body systems while relaxing him physically as well as psychologically/emotionally. Not every purr reaches this climatic condition. In fact, it seems most don’t but they all bring benefit to the purring cat. enhancing his sense of well being. That’s why they purr. They know how to elevate and heal and maintain their wellbeing. We seem to like it when they do it too.