Cat Nip – Oh, What Fun

cat nip
After an exhausting catnip adventure

Why Cat Nip?

Cats that are well cared for and who live in happy homes are pretty good communicators. Our cat Bijou has a particular, plaintive meow when he wants his fountain cleaned. When he wants to be fed and I’m in the living room he comes in and stands there until I head for the kitchen. He follows with alacrity. Once in the kitchen he faces the refrigerator or stands near it if he wants wet food, looking up at me, by the cupboard if he wants dry. (Sometimes he fools me and seems to ask for wet but when I give it to him he eats the dry.) If I’m already in the kitchen and he has no food he’ll jump onto the table, where he knows he is not supposed to be. Got to get my attention somehow. And when he wants drugs (catnip) he stands at the scratching post which is where I always give it to him. This happens a lot in winter when he can’t go out as much. (Bijou is an indoor/outdoor cat.) Loves being outdoors, does not like the wet and cold.

And once he has the cat nip? Like most cats, he goes nuts. I rub it on his head and face (he loves that), sprinkle it on his neck and on the scratching post. He spends about the next 10 or 15  minutes acting like he’s found another, very exciting, bizarre world (which I guess he has). He rolls and scratches, chases his tail, paws at his face and flops around. Shown here after such an episode. Here is an article containing interesting suggestions for other ways to please your cat