Cat Harnesses

Some people like to take their cat on adventures into the great outdoors and find a harness indispensable. After all, you can’t train a cat to heal, stay and come as you can a dog. You, and they, want to have them out there but there has to be a way to exercise control over where out there your cat goes.

Other people have indoor cats who they want to have experience being outside so they’d like to take them for walks down the sidewalk. A collar and leash aren’t good for this because the cat will pull and pulling against the collar is not only uncomfortable, the liklihood of the cat slipping out of the collar is quit harnesses

Others want to sit outside on their patio or porch with their cat but don’t want him running off. A harness and lead are great for this.

In our situation a harness became necessary when our fourteen year old (about 78 in our years) became stone cold blind. He was an indoor-outdoor cat with complete freedom to roam anytime night and day and had done so for all his fourteen years. But when our neighbors came over and told us they found Bijou lying in the street – something he had never done –  with a car barreling down on him, stopping just in time, we realized the game was up. Something needed to change. So we started experimenting with cat harnesses. Turns out there are several different kinds with very different qualities. Here is the lowdown on cat harnesses we discovered in our research.