Cat to Cat Communication

The French writer from the turn of the century, Colette, was a keen observer of nature. A gift she both inherited and learned from her mother. She writes of this episode, paraphrased here:

catSwimming4 A long, black, male cat of theirs saw their she-cat’s kitten, while leaping after insects, fall into the  fast moving stream. The male jumped in, swam rapidly, took the kitten by the scruff and swam  back upstream with great effort and pulled him out. It wasn’t his kitten but he did it. The mother  came upon them, apparently convinced that the male was going to kill her kitten and did what  any mother would do. She cursed him up and down and drove him away. Every time thereafter  when they met, face to face, she would seem to remember him as a murderer and give him  hell. So, apparently, communication among cats isn’t great. The male couldn’t explain that he  had actually saved her kitten, the kitten couldn’t testify to it and the mother remained ignorant of  the valiant deed.

Have you observed communication among/between cats?