Cat Cafe For Cat Adoption

Once in a while personal interests, the interests and enjoyment of others and the benefits and well being of another species conspire to create a win,win,win situation. So it is with the Nine Lives Cat Café in Indianapolis.

Selena Hubbard and her father, Eric Hubbard had heard the concept of a Cat Cafe and wanted to open one themselves. It took a couple of years, working out all the legal and practical logistics and hooking up with an animal shelter but they finally opened in January, 2017.

cat cafeThe Hubbards work directly with the Humane Society of Indianapolis, who select cats already  prepared, ready and which are good choices for adoption. Customers come to order various coffee and tea beverages, pastries and such and can spend time visiting with the cats in the cat playroom, which is separated from the food preparation and serving room by a double door vestibule.

There are about 10 cats in this cat café at a time and always an employee in the cat playroom to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.  If there is space, a customer may enter the playroom and the early hours are best for that. Otherwise, a reservation is recommended. People take their treats into the room to spend time with the cats. And, as happens when they find one they just don’t want to leave behind, they take him or her home.

The mission is to ‘find forever’ homes for cats, “one cup at a time” and it is working. In less than two weeks since opening 8 cats were adopted.

Let’s raise a cup to Selena and Eric for their wide minded, entrepreneurial spirit which benefits the entire community of both folks and cats.