Bubble-up Cats & Their Fountains

All cats, it seems, love bubble-up fountains. We know this from the many comments, images and videos customers have shared with us. This is probably because these fountains, with their low and very quiet upward stream of water (which can be turned quite high), gently attract cats  and they are very easy for the cats to use. A bubble-up is a natural fit for any cat’s temperament.

But they are not the best fit for every breed and body type. The medium length fur cat above does well with a bubble-up. But as you can see in the video below, longhair cats will most likely get their neck fur wet from a bubble-up. Tragic? Hardly, but not necessarily desirable either. Notice how the longhair below wants to drink but shies away.

Below Lenny & Carmen have a dispute over their Bubble-up cat fountain. Both love it.


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