Book Review – “Cat Watching” by Desmond Morris

catdrawingI’ve been enjoying Desmond Morris’s book Catwatching for a few years now and it only just occurred to me to do a book review on it, so this is that.

As a zoologist, Morris has had many members of the cat family in his care, from tigers to leopards, jaguars, jaguarundi and house cats and has used his considerable powers of observation to penetrate into the life of cats and to explain their behavior.

Some of his topics include:

  • Why does a cat wag its tail?
  • How sociable are cats?
  • Why does a cat chatter its teeth when it sees a bird through a window?
  • Why are cat owners healthier than other people?

And many other intriguing topics presented in an easy, conversational tone.

Catwatching was published in 1986 by Crown Publishers and though nearly 30 years old, it remains a wealth of insight and information on cats.